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“The skin is like a bank account. Overdrafts are quite expensive, and the savings balance will still be at our disposal even in advanced age.” HL

We can be easily overwhelmed by media ads and topics on “anti-aging.” What does this term really mean? Moving beyond all the marketing hype these days, we can look at the quality of our life and the degrees by which we really want to be healthy. The skin is an essential component in protecting us from environmental influences.
There are multiple advanced ingredients in skin care these days. Ask your licensed skin care professional to review your goals and make suggestions for obtaining more long-term effect for a healthier skin. The degree of improvement is based on your age, lifestyle, state of health and compliance to a daily routine of care. Nutrition, water, adequate rest all play a role in the outcome.

Numerous skin conditions such as dry, flaky skin are a result of impairment in the skin barrier function resulting in transepidermal water loss and abnormal function at the surface of the skin (the stratum corneum). We practice the principles of corneotherapy that includes innovative interventions to help restore the skin barrier.


We utilize advanced, non-invasive technology that helps provide a marked improvement to skin that may be dehydrated, stressed and imbalanced. It is important to protect the skin with antioxidants and nutritious ingredients
Microcurrent technology has been around for over 70 years where it was initially used for wound healing, pain relief, and even used by dental offices for TMJ. One benefit is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect on tissue. More recent studies have shown that it may support improvement in the appearance of skin by supporting the cells that make our collagen and elastin. What we have witnessed is that clients have noted that their skin becomes more radiant with increased tone and more balanced moisture levels.

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