A Holistic Approach to
Health & Wellbeing

Skin Care & Stress Reduction Services Through Healing Modalities

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A Professional Skincare Salon & Wellness Center

in Greenville, South Carolina

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The AEsthani Skincare Institute is located in a peaceful setting that provides personal care to each client. Located at 201 W. Stone Ave., parking lot level, Greenville 29609, we offer professional customized skincare for all skin types, including Hair Removal, Brow & Lash tinting, through healing modalities such as Reiki and Reflexology focusing on a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

We also emphasize education and offer classes to licensed professionals to present scientific information in the dermal sciences.

Our focus is on YOU, your skin, &
your overall wellbeing

We want you to remain radiant no matter what your age you are.

Age is attitude. Age is also knowledge and understanding. Growing older should be a joyful experience filled with life and vitality. Our internal Circadian Clock ebbs and flows to ensure that the biology of our body remains balanced and healthy. Lifestyle, stress, and even our thoughts impact our appearance and the true rate of how we age.

Ideally, taking care of our skin should begin when we are young, through developing good personal habits. The skin is our largest protection and requires an understanding of its biological function and the importance of maintaining balance.

The reality of the modern-day lifestyle more often overrides good intentions. After the age of 35, the skin begins to show subtle signs of passing years. Environmental exposure, illness, medication, smoking, alcohol, and lack of rest all contribute to the quality of our skin. Severe wrinkling, pigmentation, and the loss of skin strength and tone are signs of assault over time.

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