Aged & Environmentally Challenged Skin

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Skin aging occurs within many levels of the skin.

– The epidermis (outermost layer of the skin)
– The dermis (underlying structures of collagen and elastin)
– Circulation and muscle tone.

Many skin conditions are a result of a poor moisture barrier.

An essential focus is to support restoration of the skin barrier.

Working with advanced microcurrent/LED technology that is teamed

with professional products and treatment, the skin is gently encouraged the skin to become healthier.

There are newer paradigm shifts when it comes to skin correction.

When the underlying skin structures remain strong and healthy, it manifests in the skin’s appearance.

We believe that there is a place for all technology and newer chemical procedures.

The global consensus from scientists, and many medical and skin care professionals is to protect the

integrity of the skin during all procedures. Being too aggressive with treatments may actually age the skin faster.

Your program is based on your age, skin condition and history. It also may require patience and time.

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